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June 7, 2005
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White Balance Effects by NyssaCreative White Balance Effects by NyssaCreative
The following tutorial is for use with digital camera's both compact and SLR. You will need a digital camera (compact or SLR) that has manual settings (M, Av, Tv, P, automatic won't matter with this tutorial) and if you're unsure about your camera modes or where the white balance function is located, please get out the manual that came with your camera (or search Google).

This tutorial will cover the following:

* White Balance Effects

Tutorial Level:

Anybody that doesn't know about using white balance for colour effects.

***To download this tutorial, please click the "Download" on the left. HTML format with images in a zipped file. Please extract into a new folder. Everything is based on my own personal knowledge, therefore written in my own words and should not be reproduced and claimed as somebody elses. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed via note or userpage comments, especially if any links or images are broken, or if there are any spelling errors.***
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